August 2014 Budget

August is only half over as I write this post (in prep for Hawaii trip), and I didn’t have a ton of time to shop, but don’t worry…just like last month, I bought enough to nearly meet my budget (I blame those wonderful fake Birks).

Check out August’s budget below to see the damage:


August 2014 Budget
+ Topshop Fake Black Birks – $45 ($45 originally – here)
+ Black Knit Circle Skirt – $20 ($35 originally – here) – had to have another one, purple seen here
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Black Sheep Sweater – $0 ($23 originally – 25% off Cartwheel app – giftcard – here)
+ Merona Navy/Pink Stripe Sweatshirt Dress – $14 ($23 originally – no longer available online, similar here)
+ Old Navy J’Adore T-Shirt – $10 ($15 originally – here)
+ Merona Swan Favorite Shirt Buttondown – $17 ($23 originally – 25% off Cartwheel app – here)
+ Forever21 Navy Hat – $10 ($16.80 originally – here)
+ Lace Trim Sweatshirt – $33 ($55 originally – here) – OBSESSED

Not Pictured:
+ Merona Gray ¾ Sleeve Dress – $18 ($25 originally – 25% off Cartwheel app – here)
+ Old Navy Gray Moto Jeans – $20 ($35 originally – here; I feel like such a “COOL” girl in these)
+ Merona Black Tassel Flats – $16.50 ($25 originally – BOGO 50% on flats, split with B – here)
+ Merona Navy and Red Stripe Tee – $0 ($12 originally – giftcard – not online yet)
+ Multicolored Statement Necklace – $15 ($20 originally – 25% jewelry Cartwheel – not online yet, but seen here)

Total: $218.50
– $43.50 (returned Ann Taylor stripe club tee and black and white stripe dress from last month’s budget)

Goal: $200
Total Spent: $175 + $26 in giftcards
Amount Under/Over: +$25 = $200 – $175
Total Saved: $142.80 = $317.80 (if not on sale) – $175
Item Count: 13
Carryover to Next Month: $107.80 = $82.80 + $25

Thoughts on my purchases this month: The J.Crew Factory dress (this one) finally made its way to me to our new house, and I just wasn’t a fan, so back it went to the Factory. I also ordered a ton of stuff from Loft’s Friends and Family sale, and only ended up keeping three items (two above and one below). I tried some J.Crew sales items and while I love the quality for the price, I just didn’t love the items (shockingly enough, I like the fit of my Target blazer over the J.Crew schoolboy blazer – who am I, right?). I’ve been trying to branch out and try different stores, but as you can tell from above…I’m loving my Top 3 lately (Target, Old Navy, and Loft).

I also “upgraded” some classic pieces in my wardrobe this month that I decided not to count against my budget, mainly because they were either too old or too big. Black jeans (here), chambray shirt (Gap, here, but not sure if I love and am keeping the one I got or not yet – any ones out there you love?), and workout shoes (here – bought during the Nordstrom anniversary sale for WAY less).

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  • You always buy the cutest stuff! Love the striped dress, the hat, and the sweater with the crochet at the bottom!

  • That hat is so cool! And the fake birks were a great find! I’ve wanted a pair, but I definitely didn’t want to pay full price. Great buys!

  • It’s funny, you’re the second budgeting blogger that wants to branch out from their normal brands. Honestly, I’m a firm believer that they’re your normal brands for a reason. My normal brands are just that because I know 90% of the time I can pick up my size and it fits perfectly and the construction is made to last. That other 10% is when those brands loose their minds and come up with shoddy work or something is cut two sizes two small/big. Any time I try a new brand, I’m inevitably disappointed.

    That being said… LOVE THE SHEEPS!!!