Oh hey! I may be making my way back to Indiana from Hawaii right now, but I just wanted to POP on in here and say that Style On Target turns one today! Yes, I started this blog on Labor Day, because I was bored and needed a cool hobby.

Well, I found one. The last 365 days (not all blogged!) have flown by, and I can honestly say that it’s because I’ve been having SO. MUCH. FUN! It’s so fun to read your comments and explore your blogs and engage with you on all sorts of social media. You all make it worth it. So thank you all for joining me in my styling on a budget adventures, and I hope you stick around for at least the next 365 days!

ps. Yes, I bought a very large cupcake for this very occasion. I wanted a giant gold “1” balloon, but they were $10 each (I need to get into the balloon business). OUTRAGEOUS. You also can’t eat a balloon. Fact.


  • On Target item: Multicolored Statement Necklace (exact in stores; more statement necklaces online here)
  • Dress: Mossimo, Target (old; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Shoes: Merona, Target (exact)

  • aaahhhh, congrats! these pictures are adorable :)

    • Thanks Fran! You and Kendi were my inspiration, so I’m overjoyed that we’re now blog/social media pals!

  • Fun! Blogging is a darn good hobby, isn’t it? Bonus that you get to “meet” cool people along the way. And this is a perfect party outfit for the occasion (also a perfect excuse for a giant cupcake).

    • It really is the best, and yes, meeting all the internet cool kids (coughlikeyouAnnecough) is really the best.

      Cupcakes might nudge you out though! Jokes.


  • Kelly

    Im so happy for you! I remember reading months back about you thinking about stopping but you were re-inspired by some friends. Im so glad that you continued! I love your posts and the entire concept is genius. I think of you every time I go to Target! Ive since started my own blog – food though, not fashion. I love it so much! Its only been about 10 weeks …ha! we have about 5 followers!!! Its still great though and I’m really looking forward to the Fall. Thanks for the inspiration & keep up the great work!

    • Awww Kelly, you are so sweet! I’m glad I kept going, it is super fun and it is so much interacting with people all over the country! I’d love to see your blog (foodie girl at heart right here), if you’re willing to share the link! Thanks again, and yay for fall!

      • Kelly

        I’d be honored to have you as a reader. Thank you for asking! – not comfortable with outright promoting yet! Its Also- I’m @beegirl10 on instagram. Ive been following you for awhile! Thanks again Katie!

        • Thanks for sharing the link, Kelly! I’m off to check it out tonight! And I’m so glad that you shared your Instagram name! I love all your comments and definitely appreciate you sticking around this long! ;)

  • Congratulations on this milestone for such an amazing blog of yours! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Yay!! Congrats! Happy blogiversary!

  • Happy 1 year! That’s awesome (: I love reading- keep up the great work!

  • Amy

    Congratulations! Your blog is so genuine and you’re such a great writer. Keep it up! And please. Don’t start going to brunch and drinking mimosas every weekend or I will quit you.

    • Awwww. Thanks so much, Amy! This is probably the worst time ever to mention that I love mimosas and brunch. But don’t quit me. I also love football, nerd board games, and wings? I’m complex…I promise! ;)