Fall Capsule Collection #1 (Rough Draft)


So starting September 15, things are going to look a little different around here, and this has been your warning! I’ve talked (here) about wanting to streamline my wardrobe and being inspired by Caroline’ blog, Unfancy, and general way of life. Well, I can talk all I want about being inspired, but I wanted to actually put my money where my mouth is…if you know what I’m saying!

Starting September 15 and ending on December 15 (or December 25, if I get crazy about it…because what’s another 9 outfits to post at that point?), I’m doing a capsule challenge and documenting it here. That’s roughly 64 outfits. More than doable, right? Please say right!

Some rules:

  • Caroline limits her items to 37 pieces. I work for a large corporation and need to have some more pieces for work wear. I’m trying a 44-piece collection this time, and those extra 7 pieces seem fair. Who knows what I will be saying in two months though?
  • I didn’t throw out or clean out my closet before doing this (time crunch), but I plan to during the next few months as this is going on. So nothing is gone, gone yet.
  • I purchased around 7 new items to help with this collection. They will be a part of my September budget.
  • I won’t be able to shop for clothes or shoes during this time frame (because I can’t wear them until Christmas anyways) but will still be able to add any “ultimate need to have jewelry, purses, belts, any other accessory and outerwear – welcome to unpredictable Indiana). So there will still be monthly budget posts…never fear. Any money that I save from my budget during this time….is going towards a new lens for the camera…I think. So I’m still trying to be mindful of my spending. Hah!
  • Outerwear (coats, vests, snow boots, etc.), lounge clothes, workout wear, special occasion wear will not count towards my capsule items.
  • Yes, there will still be one item from Target per day, and yes, most of my pieces will be affordable and practical and still fun. I’m hoping this capsule collection keeps the styling process enjoyable, but not overwhelming (as it can sometimes be).

I’m also going to try to link up with the lovely Anne of In Residence who is doing a fun linkup with everyone who is attempting to do the same sort of thing. You should join too…that way I have someone to whine talk to when I want to wear my non-capsule items.

It was surprisingly easy to pull together this list. (1. I brainstormed almost 90% of this on the plane ride to and from Hawaii, so it’s clear I know my closet well. Priorities. and 2. I have WAY too many clothes.)

So let’s see what I’m going to be working with, shall we? (UPDATED as of 9/12).

topsTops and Tees:

  1. White Sleeveless Blouse (exact)
  2. Gingham Button Down (exact)
  3. Red Plaid Button Down (exact)
  4. Swan Print Button Down (exact)
  5. Chambray Button Down (exact)
  6. Black and White Stripe 3/4 Tee (almost exact, mine is just last year’s version)
  7. Red and Navy Stripe 3/4 Tee (exact)
  8. Black 3/4 Tee (exact)
  9. Baseball Tee (exact)
  10. Graphic Tee (similar option…haven’t decided mine yet)
  11. Gray Leopard Sweatshirt (exact...sssh, don’t tell anyone, but it is supposedly sleepwear!)
  12. Red Sweater with Built In Collar (similar, mine is from Ann Taylor last winter)
  13. White Sweater with Lace Detail (exact)
  14. Gray Sweater (similar, mine is from Old Navy last year)
  15. Animal Graphic Sweater (exact)
  16. Tan Crew Neck Sweater (exact)
  17. Graphic Print Crew Neck Sweater (exact)
  18. To Be Determined
  19. Navy Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)
  20. Tan Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)
  21. Black Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)

capsulebottomsBottoms and Dresses:

  1. Skinny Jeans (exact)
  2. Gray Moto Jeans (exact)
  3. Black Jeans (exact)
  4. Olive Green Pants (exact)
  5. Red Dress (exact)
  6. Navy Dress (exact)
  7. Stripe Dress 1 (similar, mine is Target from this year)
  8. Stripe Dress 2 (exact)
  9. Black Faux Leather Skirt (super similar, mine is Ann Taylor from last year)
  10. Tan Skirt (similar, mine is Loft from last year)
  11. Black and White Stripe Skirt (exact)
  12. Leopard Print Skirt (similar, mine is Target from a few years back)
  13. Plaid Skirt (exact)


  1. Leopard Flats (similar, mine are Target from last year)
  2. Gray Loafers (exact)
  3. Red Heels (similar, mine are Target from last year)
  4. Tan Oxfords (similar, mine are Target from years ago)
  5. Black Tassel Flats (exact)
  6. Black Heels (exact)
  7. Black Ankle Boots (similar, mine are Target from last year, but I love the look of these)
  8. Leopard Ankle Boots (similar, mine are Target from last year…I hate all my tan ones right now and really want this pair from Loft)
  9. Black Knee High Riding Boots (similar)
  10. Brown Knee High Riding Boots (similar)

Anyone else joining me in the fun? I’d love to check out your capsule, so let me know! And may the odds be ever in my favor to complete this? I think I can, I think I can.

**All items subject to change from this point on until Sept. 15. Because I’m a sucker for punishment.

  • I think you will do great! I’m also intrigued by the whole capsule wardrobe thing. I’m feeling the urge to get rid of things, so I’m hoping to pare down my closet quite a bit in the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll jump on the capsule thing later. I’ll wait to see how tricky it is for everyone else!

  • Katy B

    Awesome! I love Caroline’s blog and have also been inspired to pare down my closet. I did a modified capsule this summer (like you, I went for more than the 37 items) but I have basically worn the same ten pieces over and over again. My fall capsule won’t start until October 1, so I’m excited to get a few weeks of inspiration from you before I jump in!

  • This sounds like such a fun challenge! I’m looking forward to following along.

  • Wow!! You go, girl!! I could never pull this off, so I’m excited to see all of your outfits and how you mix and match!


  • So glad you’re doing this too!! Your selections look great – I think there’s going to be lots of great mixing & matching to do here, and I’m excited to follow along with the outfit posts. Also: smart to start September 15. I could have used a few more days to finalize, plus it’s WAY too hot to wear any of this stuff. I think I’ll go the path of least resistance and just stay in the workout clothes today, ha.

  • Julie

    I’m so excited to see so many people doing Caroline’s challenge! I just started my fall capsule Monday and I’m already loving it. I can’t wait to follow along with yours.

    xo Julie

  • I’m thinking of adding that gingham button down for my fall capsule. I want it so badly and I think it works so well for me. I also like your idea for adding more. The late summer one I’m trying right now I ended up with less items because I just haven’t worn them yet. I’ll have to wait and see.

  • Our collection looks pretty similar– a mix of classic, fun pieces with quirky touches– so I’m excited to see what you do!

  • I’m super excited to see what you put together! I chose mostly neutral pieces for my capsule because I’m big on accessories and a bit of a weenie when it comes to color and pattern, so I’m admiring all of the color and prints you have in your capsule! :)