What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 43 – J.Crew (Factory) Cool

J.Crew (Factory) Cool
*“What I Wish I Wore Wednesday” utilizes Polyvore to show you an outfit with some Target items to communicate what I wish I was wearing on this Wednesday and just how easy it is to look cute on a budget.

This week’s What I Wish I Wore Wednesday is actually occuring on a Thursday, because dang Labor Day (just kidding, I love you free day off from work) messed up my days (and will probably still mess me up for the rest of this week). It also features non-Target items (see below for why), so I’m completely messing with all the rules (just kidding…this blog has NO RULES)!

Such a rebel…who is also ridiculously Type A and needs a schedule for anything and everything (including my three, yes three, breakfasts) and who loves alliteration (What I Wish I Wore Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring).

Here’s some links for the clothes…which is really what you came here to see…

Items from the Look:

ps. Neither J. Crew nor J. Crew Factory sponsored this post. I hate the new Target.com images (always have the people in them instead of just the product), so until they change that for the clothes, I’m only going to showcase Target accessories and will feature other budget clothing items here.

  • I don’t like seeing a person in my images either. -_- Get it together Target! I’m surprised that the skirt is factory!

    • I know. I’m thinking of starting a petition. My mom doesn’t think it will get far. Just you wait, Mom!