Hawaiian Adventures 1

DSC067711DSC067771DSC067731DSC067741DSC067841hc1Hawaii was beyond a trip of a lifetime, and it was so colorful and lush there that I tended to be behind the camera most of the time…instead of in front of it. So enjoy this first of two outfits that I managed to snag photos of (and some bonus snapshots).

This was pretty much my go-to outfit while siteseeing and exploring (it seemed like we were always GOING GOING GOING, which is a-okay with me)! Stripes, soft tee, shorts, and my (fake) Birks. Comfy and a dash of style.

You’ll have to check back on Monday for my second Hawaiian outfit and some more snapshots of our adventures…I know it will be hard to wait, but I saved my favorites for second!


  • Effortless travel outfits! I mean if you’re going all the time, you have to be comfortable. I want to see more Hawaii snapshots!

  • Never been to Hawaii… this is so enticing! And I’d totally wear that outfit while there :)

    • It’s a crazy landscape….and gorgeous….allll of the time. We went to a beach where it was like 4 different geological regions at once. Crazy town, but very fortunate to have visited there!