Reds and Blues


So I’m officially back at work as of this morning, nearly out of vacation days, and ready for the weekend. I’m also trying to finalize my Fall Capsule Collection and am missing a few items, which probably means more shopping, planning, deciding. So with all that going on…it’s another easy combination outfit for you. Red, white, and blue doesn’t get much better for this girl.

ps. I also gave The Puppy a bath yesterday after back-to-back stays at our local boarding facility. This is a battle that only few know.


  • Julie

    I love the way you translated red, white, and blue into a look that doesn’t look like the Fourth of July. Very cute and simple!

    xo Julie

    • BIGGEST compliment ever, Julie! Thank you…it’s so hard to do that sometimes, and yet, red and blue are my favorite colors, so it’s bound to happen!

  • That skirt looks fantastic on you. I really love the length. So simple and understated, yet it says so much! I also like the shoes. I’m mildly pondering my fall capsule. Well not mildly, I’m more serious about it then that. I’m just so beat from the last one and I’m not quite ready to relinquish my closet again.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m off to catch up on your blog, so we’ll have to see if you went with a capsule or not (so behind on reading blogs…. ;))