Five for Friday, Vol. 44 – Fall Purses

fiveforfridaypurses*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Five for Fridays are back! And just in time for me to start tracking what I want to buy, since starting Monday morning, I can’t make any clothing or shoe purchases until Christmas. Rough, huh?

I did leave myself an out though (because not shopping for 90 days is something I’m not strong enough to handle), I can buy accessories if I think I absolutely need them.

Well bad news, Budget. I need all of the purses above. Target is KILLIN’ it with their Fall 2014 handbags. I’m loving how chic they look (online at least, haven’t seen anything in person yet), and the colors are perfection for fall (not sure how the baby blue snuck in, but how lovely will that be with autumn colors?).

Check out my favorites below, but don’t buy them ALL. Leave me at least one!?

  1. Merona Black Floral Satchel Purse
  2. Merona Gray Flannel Crossbody Purse
  3. Sam & Libby Ivory Flap Crossbody Purse
  4. Merona Light Blue Flap Crossbody Purse
  5. Mossimo Faux Suede Dark Red Clutch

  • That gray crossbody is so cute!! Refrain, Sara, refrain!

  • Julie

    Those purses are all fantastic! I don’t need any but I wish I had some room in my budget for one!


    • This is my problem too. I think at some point though, the blue one is coming home with me. I mean…it’s blue! ;)