Fall Capsule Collection #1 (Final)


Two weeks ago, I started a rough draft of my capsule collection. Well, it officially started yesterday (first outfit post here), and I think I’ve finalized the items, so I thought I’d share it with you all, in case you want to keep track at home (with your Bingo cards!).

From September 15 and ending on December 25,  I’m doing a capsule challenge and documenting it here (that’s roughly 74 outfits).

I have limited myself to 44 pieces (clothing plus shoes; outerwear, loungewear, Colts t-shirts, and special occasion wear does not count…though I will try to limit these).

I will also be attempting completing  a no-shopping ban for clothes and shoes during this time frame as well (since I can’t wear them until after Christmas anyways). Don’t feel too bad for me, I can still buy any “jewelry, purses, belts, any other accessory, and outerwear – welcome to unpredictable Indiana)”. So there will still be monthly budget posts…never fear. Any money that I save from my budget during this time….is going towards a new lens for the camera. So I’m still trying to be mindful of my spending. Hah!

So let’s see what I’m going to be working with, shall we? (Final Edition).

Tops and Tees:

  1. White Sleeveless Blouse (exact)
  2. Gingham Button Down (exact)
  3. Red Plaid Button Down (exact)
  4. Swan Print Button Down (exact)
  5. Chambray Button Down (exact)
  6. Black and White Stripe 3/4 Tee (almost exact, mine is just last year’s version)
  7. Red and Navy Stripe 3/4 Tee (exact)
  8. Black 3/4 Tee (exact, mine is older)
  9. Graphic Tee (went with my Indiana Home T)
  10. Gray Leopard Sweatshirt (exact...sssh, don’t tell anyone, but it is supposedly sleepwear!)
  11. Red Sweater with Built In Collar (similar, mine is from Ann Taylor last winter)
  12. White Sweater with Lace Detail (exact)
  13. Gray Sweater (similar, mine is from Old Navy last year)
  14. Animal Graphic Sweater (exact)
  15. Tan Crew Neck Sweater (similar)
  16. Orange Crew Neck Sweater (similar)
  17. Graphic Print Crew Neck Sweater (exact)
  18. To Be Determined (I honestly couldn’t decide – so much pressure – and I think this will be my one cheat. I am not going to pick an item until later, but when I do, I will announce it and then won’t have any more cheats. ;))
  19. Navy Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)
  20. Tan Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)
  21. Black Blazer (similar, mine is also Target from Fall 2013)

Bottoms and Dresses:

  1. Skinny Jeans (exact)
  2. Gray Moto Jeans (exact)
  3. Black Jeans (exact)
  4. Olive Green Pants (exact)
  5. Red Dress (exact)
  6. Navy Dress (exact)
  7. Stripe Dress 1 (similar, mine is Target from this year)
  8. Stripe Dress 2 (exact)
  9. Black Faux Leather Skirt (super similar, mine is Ann Taylor from last year)
  10. Tan Skirt (similar, mine is Loft from last year)
  11. Black and White Stripe Skirt (exact)
  12. Leopard Print Skirt (similar, mine is Target from a few years back)
  13. Plaid Skirt (exact)


  1. Leopard Flats (similar, mine are Target from last year)
  2. Gray Loafers (exact)
  3. Red Heels (similar, mine are Target from last year)
  4. Tan Oxfords (similar, mine are Target from years ago)
  5. Black Tassel Flats (exact)
  6. Black Heels (exact)
  7. Black Ankle Boots (similar, mine are Target from last year, but I love the look of these)
  8. Tan Ankle Boots (exact; I had my eye on this pair and then they went on sale, so I snagged them…whoops)
  9. Black Knee High Riding Boots (similar)
  10. Brown Knee High Riding Boots (similar)

Anyone else doing a capsule? Can I check it out/have a support group with you? Some others are linking up here with Anne!

Check back later today for Outfit 2 and the next 88 days for many more! ;)

  • Awesome – can’t wait to see all the outfits. I’m loving my collection so far and feel like I actually have more than enough pieces (37 total)… hopefully that feeling lasts. Sort of wondering if I’ll have enough time in the capsule timeframe to even wear all of the outfit combos that are possible… maybe I should stick it out to Christmas too. Definitely will be hard to showcase all the pieces’ versatility, since I don’t do style posts every day!

    • I’m excited to see how far these 44 pieces take me. I think I’ll have waaaaay more outfit combinations than the X amount that I have to show (74? whatever I promised). Which is nice, because then I can focus on showing my favorite combos.

  • Julie

    I started my capsule two weeks ago and it’s been the best two weeks ever! I’m so happy with the clothes I have and I haven’t gotten the urge to shop (yet…). It’s just so easy to get dressed in the morning. I can’t wait to see what outfits you put together!

    xo Julie

    • It’s so easy! I completely agree! It’s more fun to mix and match, and I am definitely pleased with the combinations I’ve come up with to date! Glad you’re having a similar experience!

  • This is a great list!! I can’t wait to see all the outfits you come up with using these items :)

  • This is so awesome!! Your outfits are going to be wonderful!! Good luck! :)