Five for Friday, Vol. 45 – Altuzarra for Target


*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Not sure if you camped outside of your local Target this past Sunday morning like yours truly waiting for the doors to open so you could see the Altuzarra for Target collection.

Just kidding, I totally forgot about it until exactly 8:00am, which is when my local Target opens. I casually sipped some coffee and headed over to do some try-ons for my Instagram followers (you should be one of them, follow me here)!

A few things:

  1. I need that crane sweater in my life (but for $30 please).
  2. The pieces are gorgeous.
  3. But they’re almost made for a lifestyle that the average woman doesn’t fit into. For example, this dress is stunning, but what occasion could you wear it to? That’s the only thing that really bothered me about this collection.

Check out my favorites below, and check out the rest of the collection here or at your local store (not all the stores carry the designer collection line, so be sure to check if yours does).

  • Altuzarra for Target Embroidered Scarf
  • Altuzarra for Target Red/Ruby Hill Peasant Dress
  • Altuzarra for Target Black Lace Ankle Boot
  • Altuzarra for Target Crane Sweater
  • Altuzarra for Target Flounce Skirt

  • Julie

    I agree- the pieces in this collection were stunning, but not necessarily practical. Those ankle boots are killer though!

    xo Julie

  • Love that red dress! I considered getting it, but can’t justify getting adding another dress to my closet right now sadly.

    • I feel you. I loved how it looked on, but I definitely don’t need another dress (no matter how pretty!).