Target That Look: Kendall Jenner

ttlkendalljenner Every Monday, in the Target That Look feature, I will try to pick a celebrity look that I like and show you how you can get all the necessary pieces from your local Target for much, much less.

Truth time (I feel like you get a lot of these confessions): I’m slightly obsessed with Keeping Up with the Kardashians. C, B, and I used to watch marathons of it in college, and I still catch an episode now and then when I’m at B’s house (she has cable and is fancy).

It’s crazy how they’ve evolved from the first few seasons and now Kendall is modeling in Fashion Week shows! I’m more in love with her street style outfit above, and while I couldn’t exactly match the bright red hat, I still think the burgundy one might be a touch classier (and a perfect shade for fall)!

What about you? Are you a kloset* Kardashian fan?

*They spell anything and everything with a K.

Target That Look:

  1. Mossimo Supply Co. Burgundy Fedora
  2. Mossimo Supply Co. Black/White Stripe Tee
  3. Gold Aviator Sunglasses
  4. Mossimo Mid-Rise White Jeans
  5. Mossimo Fold Over Black Crossbody Purse
  6. Mossimo Supply Co. Black Quilted Slip-On Sneakers