September 2014 Budget

September was the month that I used to prep for my capsule collection, so I’m actually surprised I came in right around budget (spoiler alert). There were some really great deals right around Labor Day, and that’s when I did the majority of my spending, specifically since I couldn’t buy clothing starting mid-month (September 15 to be exact) per my capsule collection rules.

Check out September’s budget below to see the damage:


September 2014 Budget
+ Xhilaration Leopard Print Sweatshirt – $14 ($17 originally – $3 sleepwear coupon – here)
+ J.Crew Factory Horse Print Sweatshirt – $32 ($58 originally – discounted price – 30% off – here)
+ Merona Red Plaid Shirt – $17.25* ($23 originally – 25% off promo – giftcard – here)
+ Loft Orange Sailor Pencil Skirt – $27 ($69.50 originally – here)
+ Merona Navy and Gray Stripe Dress – $21 ($28 originally – 25% off promo – here)
+ Merona Red Dress – $21 ($28 originally – 25% off promo – here)
+ Old Navy Gray Flannel Loafers – $17 ($24.94 originally –  30% off promo – here)
+ Merona Plaid Pencil Skirt – $18 ($24 originally – 25% off promo – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Loft Chambray Pull-On Skirt – $13 ($49.50 originally – here)
+ Merona Navy Dress – – $21 ($28 originally – 25% off promo – here)
+ Mossimo Orange Crew Neck Sweater – $20 ($20 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Graphic Print Crew Neck Sweater – $20 ($20 originally – here)

Total: $221.25
– $17.25* (returned sheep sweater from last month’s budget and bought red plaid button down with giftcard instead)

Goal: $200
Total Spent: $204 + $17.25 in giftcards
Amount Under/Over: -$4 = $200 – $204
Total Saved: $186= $390 (if not on sale) – $204
Item Count: 12
Carryover to Next Month: $103.80 = $107.80 – $4

I’m actually really impressed that I came in right around budget, and I scored some Loft items that I had been lusting over since the end of spring. I’m a big fan of all the items added to the capsule (pretty much everything else), and a red 3/4 sleeve dress was actually on my 2014 Wishlist, so BOOM!

I did add black riding boots and brown riding boots (seen here) on my own with some blogging money and some saved amounts specifically set aside for these more expensive purchases. I took advantage of an amazing Labor Day sale online at Nordstrom, and I really did not expect to keep both pairs (since they’re EXACTLY the same pair, just different colors). But then I did. Whoops. Another 2014 Wishlist item is complete though!

Since I can’t shop for clothing or shoes, my next few months should be quiet here. In October, I’m looking to get an oversized watch (maybe this one) and potentially this gorgeous blue crossbody purse (I’m a sucker for blue). I was looking to add a fun color or print coat to my winter coat collection, but all the ones I’ve tried lately have been not that great. The search continues!

Anything you’re looking to add this fall?

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  • Aubree Larsen

    I loooove that orange skirt! Great item for a great price!

  • Rebecca

    I am always amazed at your budget breakdowns…I am not good at keeping track like this. Super impressive. I want a new fall coat this season…but that may or may not happen!

    • I try to track it in a Word document as I got, but most of the time, I end up forgetting and have to backtrack with online order documentations. I’m sure I miss covering a few things every month :(.

  • Julie

    I love your purchases, especially those loafers and that plaid skirt! I just broke my no-shopping rule for my capsule, but my jeans got a hole in them so I had to replace them. Now I have the urge to shop again though, and I still have two more months!!

    xo Julie

    • Thanks Julie. Stay strong! I feel like you didn’t really break the rule, because it’s more like replacing a necessity. Wear and tear of clothing is to be expected if you are truly utilizing your clothes, which it sounds like you are! I think the creators of a capsule wardrobe would agree that it’s more about cutting out the unnecessary/”want it now/new” purchases and focusing on what you need (which is hole-less jeans ;)).

  • I love that Merona plaid shirt! Dang, I need to do more clothes shopping at Target!

  • So many cute items, particularly that orange sailor skirt from Loft. Loft has been killing it this fall, in my opinion–I have lots of items on my wishlist from there!

    • Loft = so good this WHOLE year. My favorite stores (Target, Loft, Old Navy) have really been stepping it up lately, which is great, but also the reason why my wallet needs a break! ;)

  • I love it! I can honestly say I would buy/wear every piece you pictured… I am not on the hunt (thanks to you and Fran) for longer-sleeved, comfy sweater and ponte knit dresses with a flared skirt! Thank you retailers for finally offering comfy dresses that have a more flattering skirt.

    • Aubrey! I am glad that you approve. And I completely agree! Fran gets me to buy a lot of things, too! ;)

  • Wow! You did great! I don’t say no shop during my capsule, even though you’re not supposed to. I’m sad that the sheep got returned, but super happy that there are now horses. Love that sweatshirt.