Fall Capsule #1: Plaid Scarves for Days


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Colts won last night, so hip-hip-hooray! (Sorry Texans fans that may read this blog)
  • I’m addicted to these plaid scarves from Target. #noshame
  • I’m addicted to plaid this week. Five outfits featuring plaid this week!
  • We’re headed to The Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, Indiana tomorrow. I’ve never been, so I’m excited to see what it is all about!
  • Weekends are the best.
  • Still going strong on the no clothing/shoe shopping during the fall capsule challenge. I ordered some fabric to complete some of my own oversized scarves (inspired by one of my dear readers, Kaci), so I’m excited to get that fabric and do maybe a DIY post for you all!
  • 20 outfits down. 54 to go! Still easy, but I’m waiting for the tide to turn.
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Working on a Friday. What can I say, I’m spoiled.

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Outfit 20

  • Ha! You couldn’t resist that one either. Scarf twins! I wore it with a really similar colored jacket yesterday and am a little in love :) Have a great weekend, and hope to see this DIY – sounds intriguing!

  • I want that scarf!! Is it alright if I go to your closet and borrow it? Thanks! I kid, I kid! You have 54 outfits to go? That seems like a lot, but I know you can do it! :)

  • Kaci

    Yay on the blanket scarf DIY! Can’t wait to see your results – I’m tackling it as soon as I get home from vacation! I am thinking about making some as Christmas gifts as well.

  • LOVING this outfit against the green wall. SO much color that works so well. I can’t wait for the DIY post. I’m excited to see what you have in store!