Five for Friday, Vol. 48 – Scarf, Scarf City


*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Let’s face it. The Target, Zara-inspired plaid scarf (see it here and here) is flying off the shelves and is no longer available online. But it’s just one pattern, so no need to fret. I’ve got 5 equally amazing printed (and super soft) scarves for you in this week’s Five For Friday.

Annnnnndddddd….another Friday, another deal on It’s the same as last week, actually, but this time is only involving accessories. So right now, get a percentage off your purchase (2 items = 15% off and 3 or more items = 20%), which is pretty great. No code necessary, your shopping cart will just reflect it!

Check them out:

  • Merona Oversized Houndstooth Scarf (hello classic scarf paired with fun colored winter coats!)
  • Merona Oversized Red/Navy Plaid Scarf (this scarf was made for me!)
  • Merona Oversized Leopard Print Scarf
  • Merona Oversized Black Plaid Scarf
  • Merona Oversized Purple/Green/Yellow Scarf

  • Yeah, so #1 and #5 came home with me this week (I’ve been so good at avoiding Target temptations lately, but I’ve been there like 12 times in the last week for 1st birthday party supplies…). I just couldn’t decide, they’re all so great! They did have the Zara-inspired one at my Target, but the colors of these others go even better with my outerwear, plus I like to be just a teeny bit different :) I do hate it though when I later hear about a deal after I’ve bought things full-price… but this is Target full price we’re talking about, and I think they’ll be worth it.

    Happy scarf-wearing weekend to you!

  • Kecia

    The oversized plaid scarf was just back in stock and I was able to order one online! :) … but then I checked again and it was back to “not available online.” So either it was a cruel joke or I bought the only one available LOL. Either way — keep checking back! I’ve been checking once a day and hopefully got lucky. :)

  • Rebecca

    I’m in love with the purple and yellow. The colors are so bold and pretty!

  • Julie

    I love the houndstooth one! I’m been eyeing the plaid Zara inspired one but haven’t bit the bullet yet because everyone else has it… but it does look so comfy and warm!

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style