On Trend: Boots, Boots, Boots


Boots, Boots, Boots.

It can’t really be fall/winter fashion without them right? You can’t walk around on a chill fall morning in ballet flats or trample through some leaves in flip flops. Am I right?

So let’s stock up now with some classics and some fun options, because boots are definitely here (maybe not even as a trend) for a while…winter. never. ends.

ps. Full disclosure: I broke my shopping ban on shoes yesterday (see evidence here) with boots (just so I could stay true to this post, I guess?). One does not simply not buy the gently used, perfectly sized Hunter boots at the thrift shop. #sorrynotsorry

  1. French Blu Tall Cognac Quilted Knee High Boots
  2. Mossimo Buckle Ankle Boots
  3. French Blu Navy Over the Knee Boots (I neeeeeed these! Gorgeous! Does anyone own over the knee boots?)
  4. Merona Tall Black Strap Boots
  5. Mad Love Wedge Ankle Boots
  6. Merona Tall Brown Riding Boots

  • Julie

    I’m so glad you bought the boots- sometimes you find such a great deal thrifting that you can’t pass it up, and I agree that this one was of those situations! Are you going to add them to your capsule or wait until December to wear them?

    • I think I might add them to the capsule, but I can’t even decide if they count, because I’m not counting outerwear? And wasn’t going to count my LLBean boots, so who knows? Plus, I feel like I am just making up the rules as I go? ;)

  • Brian

    Fall is long gone and we’re deep into Winter but your right! We need a good pair of boots. I jumped on the boots band wagon last year and bought these Tory boots in black. I loved them so much I also got them in brown