Fall Capsule #1: Official


Well guys, it’s official. I touched on it in yesterday’s post, but I lasted one month and two days of not buying clothing or shoes. I went into one of our local thrift stores on a whim (wearing this outfit), and there in front of me was a beautiful pair of Hunter rain boots in my size. They jumped in my arms, and the rest is fall capsule no-shopping ban history.

It was fun while it lasted? (It wasn’t, really.)

But I’m going to jump right back in the saddle and try to beat this record. It’s two months and 5 days until Christmas, which means if when I make it that long with not buying clothing or shoes, I will have doubled my record!

It’s the small things, right?

How long have you gone without shopping for clothing/shoes? Feel free to shame me with your responses. ;)


Outfit 26

  • On Target item: Merona Plaid Oversized Scarf (exact)
  • Lipcolor: Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain (exact; love these, this one is “Crush”)
  • Sleeveless Blouse: Merona, Target (Spring 2014; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Purse: vintage Coach (thrifted; exact current bag; super similar for less!)
  • Denim Jacket: Eddie Bauer (super old; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
  • Boots: Corso Como, Nordstrom (Fall 2014; similar)

  • Rebekah Stark

    you can’t not buy willies at that price tho, right!?!?!?

  • I JUST put that scarf in my Target online cart before reading this post! Great minds think alike! :)

  • Kaci

    That was definitely a deal you can’t pass up! Simply Chic?

    • Surprisingly, no! It was from the Toggery (in Broad Ripple). I found my LLBean boots there too…so someone in this city with size 10 feet…has really good taste and should be my best friend!

      Don’t steal all the good stuff now that you know my secret spot! ;)

      • Kaci

        Ooo, I’ve never heard of that! Thanks! Have you ever been to En Vogue in Carmel? I recently scored a trench coat there for $3 and a Zara skirt for $5!

  • Danielle Wojcik

    If Fran sent me over here, then it’s clearly a great place to be. Now that I’ve read several of your posts, I can attest to that being a true statement. Preeeetty smitten with every way you’ve worn this scarf so far.

  • Julie

    I’m all for breaking the shopping ban for such a good deal. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of wear out of them!! I’ve got a pair of pants that I’m eying, and if they ever go on sale I’m breaking my shopping ban for them and will just wait to wear them till my next capsule.

    xo Julie | Cap and Gown Style

    • That’s completely fair. I think the whole thing is just to make you aware of things. It doesn’t have to be a complete ban (that’s what I keep telling myself at least)!

  • What’s up with people finding Hunter boots at the thrift store?! You’re the second person this week! Big congrats on your shopping ban!

  • A month and two days is no small feat! I haven’t ever lasted that long. Maybe a few weeks, which is totally normal for most people. I love the scarf colors!

  • Well, that was a once-in-a-lifetime find though… I’m really good at justifying :) Though have managed to not quite do it for myself yet in the capsule. Unless you count the fact that I started the capsule with one striped dress, returned it, and bought a different one. Also same with a pair of boots. Oops.

    And did you acquire every Merona plaid scarf?! Love them all, but this is the one I got so I’m excited to copy some looks :) So cute with the blouse & denim jacket.

    • Hahaha. I only bought 3 of them (this one, the tan/red plaid one, and the red/navy one)! I am trying to stop myself from buying a black/white one. Haha.