Fall Capsule #1: Taylor Swift Day



Can’t talk long.

Taylor Swift’s newest album came out today.

You know what that means.

All night long dance parties?

You know it.


ps. The Husband and I were the Moonrise Kingdom kids for Halloween. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can catch a glimpse here!


Outfit 31

  • Katy B

    Love this! Both the outfit, and the Taylor Swift dance party plan. Also, I never know how to wear jeans with booties– tucked? rolled? with ankle jeans? Any chance you want to do a post comparing the options? I feel like I need more information before I can take the plunge otherwise I’ll just stick to wearing my booties with tights and skirts/dresses.

    • I think you can do all of the above! And I love that idea for an ankle boot post (mostly because I am obsessed with them), so I’ll try to get working on it! Though I love me some booties and dresses/skirts!

  • Easily one of my favorite outfits of the capsule. I heart plaid and booties. How do you like those booties? They’re the perfect color I’ve been looking for. While not a TS fan, the thought of a dance party is fantastic.

  • I love the plaid



  • Yay T-Swift! I got the album through iTunes, but I NEED to get the actual album as well!!