October 2014 Budget

October was the month that I expected to have the hardest time with sticking to the no-shopping ban. Especially since it is the longest month in the challenge, farthest away from Christmas, annnnnnnd this whole “ban” is still a new concept for me.

Plus, I have no no-shopping willpower.

I did pretty decent (besides my Hunter rain boot slip up) with the no clothing or shoe buying, but used up pretty much the rest of my budget on accessories (read scarves).

Check out October’s budget below to see the damage:


October 2014 Budget
+ Loft Cognac Ankle Boots – $59 ($98 originally – 40% off sale (these came in the mail the day I posted my September budget, so I’m including them now – here)
+ Merona Plaid Oversized Scarf (Purple/Green) – $13 ($17 originally – 25% off deal online – here)
+ Target Reversible Tote (Black/Gray) – $25 ($40 originally – 25% off deal online – $5 coupon code – here)
+ Merona Plaid Oversized Scarf (Red/Blue) – $17 ($17 originally – here)
+ Hunter Rainboots (Black) – $48 ($148 normally; thrifted – here)
+ Merona Plaid Oversized Scarf (Red/Tan) – $13 ($17 originally – 25% off deal online – here; sold out online, but you can check and see if your local stores have them)
+ Merona Gold Oversized Boyfriend Watch – $15 ($20 originally – 25% off deal online – here)

Total Spent: $190
Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$10 = $200 – $190
Total Saved: $167= $357 (if not on sale) – $190
Item Count: 7
Carryover to Next Month: $113.80 = $103.80 + $10

I love love love everything I got this month, and have worn them all multiple, multiple times (minus the Hunters, because so far I can’t decide whether they’re allowed in the capsule or not, but they’ll definitely be utilized some day). I love when that happens and that kind of solidifies that the no-shopping ban is forcing me to be more selective.

Good, I needed that.

I did add some outerwear items (vest, trench coat, and $15 winter coat – similar – from Poshmark) that I don’t add into my budget. I live in the Midwest and have decided that I need to add some classic pieces to my coat closet this winter. So I have and I’ll be selling some of my old pieces that aren’t quite me to counteract that. I’d love to add one more winter coat to my collection, but I’m playing it by ear. The Poshmark winter coat that I scored above did complete another 2014 Wishlist item, so super yay!

I honestly can’t think of anything else that I might need the rest of the year, and I’m still trying to make strategic purchases, so we’ll see about that. I’m still feeling a new budget purse (maybe this one), but I also love this clutch/pouch from Madewell!

Anything you’re looking to grab before the year is over?

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  • Sarah H.

    I got 2 of those scarves, and I got black rainboots. ARE YOU STALKING ME?! Or am I stalking you? We’ll never know.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

    • Hahahaha. We will never know. I’ll just pretend to be surprised when we end up eating brunch at the same place and same time! ;)

  • Ooh! Thanks for linking up to the cognac booties–the last time I checked, they were sold out! Now I just have to pounce the next time they have a flash sale :)

    • Oh my gosh! Thanks for letting me know this (though I’m glad it helped you out too). I kind of want the black ones too! They’re soooo perfect!

  • Way to go finding those Hunters so cheap! I want a pair!

  • You did great this month! Not surprisingly, I love everything you got!

  • Love those scarves!

  • I’m liking those ankle boots. Are the comfortable? I’m looking to pick up something similar.

  • I spotted that red and blue scarf on another blog and I’m completely smitten. Evidently I don’t spend enough time in Target’s accessory aisle!