Fall Capsule #1: Black Top + Tan Skirt – Classic


I’ve been loving these posts lately where I show two different ways to wear the same basics, but in vastly different ways, so I thought that I would continue that on Wednesdays/Thursdays for the next few weeks. It’s amazing to me how different outfits can look based on the accessories worn, which is why this capsule challenge hasn’t been that hard yet.

Today’s look features my favorite plaid scarf and my new-to-me yellow winter coat from Poshmark (for $15!). There’s just a touch of yellow in the plaid scarf, which pretty much demanded that I pair it with my new coat (ps. how gorgeous is this coat? It is definitely going to keep me smiling this winter because of how bright it is). The tan skirt and black tee provide a perfect neutral background to this pairing.

Come back to see tomorrow’s look to see how I can take classic into glam.

ps. The best thing in the world is when out-of-town friends visit and go eat cheese curds with you. Thanks for the dinner date, HH! ;)


Outfit 33

  • It’s the coat! I love it!

  • That coat is so incredibly adorable! I want one! Maybe Poshmark will magically have another one in my size…a girl can dream!

  • I think snazzy outerwear is essential where we live – when you’re out & about in the winter your coat pretty much is your outfit, so it should be great. And you better love it because it’s going to be your outfit every. day. for. months. :) Love how this one looks with the fabulous scarf!

  • Yes yes yes! This coat is fab!! I’ve been loving Poshmark as well!