What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 51 – Sporty Spice

Sporty Spice
*“What I Wish I Wore Wednesday” utilizes Polyvore to show you an outfit with some Target items to communicate what I wish I was wearing on this Wednesday and just how easy it is to look cute on a budget.

Ready, set, go….what Spice Girl did you want to be when you were younger? Maybe Baby? Or Posh (so you could be married to David Beckham)? Or Scary and her mad love for leopard? Or Ginger (who was the only one actually named after a spice…something that a 13-year-old me never really got)?

None of the above? That’s right. You and I were the cool girls who wanted to be Sporty Spice. Snap-off gym pants? Check. High ponytail? Check. Sneakers? Check. Crop top sports top? No check. At all. Ever.

But maybe this is what a Sporty Spice wannabe can wear in 2014. Casual, but still pulled together. Check.

ps. The Spice Girls concert in Indianapolis was actually the first concert I EVER attended. My aunt took me, bought me fun snacks and a t-shirt, and we had a blast! Cool aunts rock…maybe come January, I can be one of those!?

Items from the Look:

  • Xhilaration Black and Gray Baseball Cap Hat
  • Target Oblong Plaid Scarf (online only; how pretty is this color combo?)
  • Gap Red Plaid Sweatshirt (plaid detailing on the back…how cool!)
  • Gap Tie Waist Skirt
  • Mossimo Quilted Black Clutch
  • Merona Black Watch ($11 – steal of the century)
  • Mossimo Supply Co. Quilted Black Slip-On Sneakers

  • I’ll take the whole thing! Been seriously considering making those sneakers one of the capsule cheats I was going to maybe allow myself…

    • Oooooo. That sounds like a perfect cheat for running around after your cute little guy! Maybe he can get matching ones?! ;)

  • OH! That Gap skirt is adorable and looks super comfy! Loving all these pieces!

  • Man bringing back the memories FOR SURE! I wasn’t much of a Spice Girl girl, I really liked Dream. And I just admitted that. Google ’em.

  • Naomi Lynn

    Nice! Sizes please for reference.

    • Hi Naomi – This is the second time I think you’ve mentioned this. I’m not sure what you mean?

      • Naomi Lynn

        Hi, sorry. I was requesting that you post sizes you purchased of the items you feature for a reference point. Some fashion bloggers do this, in addition ive seen this done on online shopping site review sections. It just makes it a whole lot easier for me when i go and order. Im often finding myself returning or exchanging due to ordering incorrect size. Clothing sizes are so darn unpredictable. Hope this explains my request.