Fall Capsule #1: Black and Tan and Gray


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Happy Halloween! If you’re wearing a costume this weekend and take a picture that you want to share, please do. I love love love seeing everyone’s costumes.
  • It’s my normal day off of work (I work a flexible schedule at my job), and The Husband also used one of his vacation days, so we were headed to Brown County, Indiana to hike and eat some pizza at my favorite pizza place in Indiana! We were going to go and the not going to go (due to rain/cold), but eventually decided that I wouldn’t melt, so we could go. My tastebuds are thanking me.
  • We’re keeping it chill the rest of the weekend though, as we have some busy travel weekends coming up in November.
  • Holy cats, how is it November tomorrow? I had a great, great October, but it flew by! I also have done NONE (absolutely none) of my Christmas shopping.
  • Speaking of shopping. I am two weeks clean from the Hunter Boots Score of 2014. I just realized this week though that I might not get through the rest of the challenge without shopping, because I TOTALLY FORGOT about Black Friday when making this challenge. Whoopsies? We’ll see how it goes though. No guarantees.
  • 35 outfits down. 39 to go! Just about the halfway mark! Hip hip hooray! Also, how has no one at work caught onto this yet? I’ll be posting all my outfits from October tomorrow.
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • No one volunteered to dust my house last week. What’s up with that?

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Outfit 35