Fall Capsule #1: October Outfits


I started my first Fall Capsule Challenge about 1.5 months ago. I wanted an easy way to reflect on what outfits I had worn and what pieces I had utilized, so I thought a recap post might be a good way to do that (here is September’s recap post). This way I can see what’s working and what’s not, and you can have a concise post of the outfits (in case you didn’t want to read my everyday ramblings and just wanted the looks)!

Here. We. Go…


  1. Gingham and Gold
  2. Red Footed Swan
  3. Graphic Sweater
  4. Wolverine Fashion Night Out
  5. Graphic Tee and Plaid
  6. So Fall, Y’all
  7. Plaid with a Side of Tan
  8. Plaid Scarves for Days
  9. Currently
  10. Navy Dress – Work
  11. Navy Dress – Play
  12. If It Ain’t Broke
  13. Official
  14. A Little Lace, A Little Leopard
  15. Target, Target, Target
  16. One Look, Three Bags
  17. Navy Swan
  18. Taylor Swift Day
  19. Horsin’ Around
  20. Black Top + Tan Skirt – Classic
  21. Black Top + Tan Skirt – Glam
  22. Black and Tan and Gray
  • Most Worn Item (besides jeans): cognac ankle boots, J.Crew navy horse print sweatshirt, tan Ann Taylor Loft skirt
  • Least Worn Item: I still haven’t worn two dresses. Uber fail.
  • Favorite Outfit: #4
  • Honorable Mentions: #9, #20, and #22
  • Least Favorite Outfit: #7 (just a bit too much green…)

I’m excited to see what the rest of my capsule holds for me (only 39 looks to go)! What was your favorite and/or least favorite outfit from above (I’m actually really curious!)?

Linking up with the lovely Anne and Jacq for their capsule linkup!

  • Melanie

    I love 12 and 13!

  • So Fall Y’all and If it Ain’t Broke, but they’re all cute. That scarf….your post made me brake my own no shopping rule and drive in rush hour traffic to a Target 20 miles away, but I love it. Love seeing how you style it too. I’m going to try posting an outfit with it this week.

  • I want to see more of that bright dress from #4!

    dash dot dotty

  • I love seeing these all together! Seriously, even all lined up like this you can’t tell that it’s such a limited wardrobe – which means you’re doing super well at that remixing, lady. I love all the layering with vests and jackets. That goes a long way in keeping things feeling new and different when you’ve got such a good variety there. And I’m with Dotty, more of the bright dress! The navy one is fab too.

  • Katy B

    Love this recap post! My favorites are 4 & 10 — love that you can get such different looks with basically the same dress. I don’t dislike any of the outfits, but I wouldn’t be comfortable in the fur vest, so I guess I’ll say that 21 is the least favorite? But really it’s just the outfit I would like on everyone else but me. :-) Can’t wait to see what November holds! You inspired me to do my own capsule recap and I realized that there are a bunch of things I haven’t warn, and I have no desire to– it makes me want to swap them out for something else, or just get rid of them!

  • Mattie Roush

    4, 14, and 15 are my faves! Oh and 19! Love that sweater. And I also love the socks with the booties in that look and in 4!

  • Amanda Berg

    My faves are 4 and 5!

  • I recently discovered your blog and I love it (almost as much as I love Target ha)! This post is so visually stunning–I love seeing all of the outfit pictures together. It almost feels like I’m looking at a magazine layout! I think outfit #13 is my fave :)

  • Lisa Rockwell

    5, 12, and 13 are my faves!!