Fall Capsule #1: Out of the Woods


As I mentioned on Friday, The Husband and I had taken the day off from work to go on a hike in Brown County, Indiana, and we were worried about the rain ruining our plans (oh and it was gonna be coooooold). We had planned on Thursday night to not go at all, but woke up on Friday morning and didn’t really want to give up our original plans.

So off we went (blasting Taylor Swift the entire way).

We arrived right after 9:00am and seemed to have the whole park to ourselves, which NEVER happens. The leaves were pretty much gone, but we still enjoyed our 1.5 hour hike together, and it was still really gorgeous.

And then we got pizza! If you ever find yourself in the gorgeous college town of Bloomington, Indiana (home to my Alma mater Indiana University), then please stop for lunch or dinner at Mother Bear’s pizza. You can thank me later.

The rest of the weekend was chill and full of good food, which is very important. And Target came to my website and pinned this picture. SUPER, SUPER EXCITING!

Hope you all had an equally great weekend as well!

Ps. And this coat came up for sale on Friday, and I had to have it. I missed out on it last year, and that was not about to happen again. My favorite color combo? On an item that I am eligible to purchase? Plus, an additional discount AND 31% off and free shipping (thanks Halloween)? Done and done.


Outfit 36

*Not part of the capsule, but outerwear doesn’t count!

  • What amazing leaves. I love your blog! I am addicted to Target–my husband tries to keep me out of there at all costs. :) I also love, love your style.

  • The big whigs themselves came to your blog and pinned an outfit?! Congrats! Also I had no idea that you graduated from IU. I have always wanted to visit. I received my high school diploma from IU.

  • This is gorgeous – how fun! Perfect outfit for the activity, OF COURSE. I love all your plaid and vests – plus that plaid made you FAMOUS. Impressive.

  • Alyssa D

    Great TSwift reference in the title, glad im not the only one blasting her album all day everyday.

  • I was just staring at that coat online trying to figure out how I could afford it!