On Trend: Winter Wool (Faribault for Target)

video courtesy of Target’s YouTube account

How cool is this video and corresponding collaboration with Target and Faribault? I love the whole vibe of a small town dedicated to providing quality products that are Made in the USA.

And then paired with Target? My favorite store ever?



Semi-funny story, my dad has a wool blanket that he loves to death, and my brother, Mom, and I make fun of him all the time, because who in their right mind enjoys a scratchy wool blanket, when they can have soft and cuddly blankets?

In his defense, he wore pineapple shirts before they were cool.

And if his wool blanket is anything as great as these products, maybe he’s the one in the family that should have the style blog?

Obviously, I’m loving any of the Port Stripe pieces (hello red and navy plus stripes), but I also love the festive holiday Ely Plaid and the natural touch of the Prairie Stripe pieces.

You can check out my picks below or click here for the full collection (there’s blankets too, if that’s your thing!):

  1. Faribault for Target Port Stripe Wool Shawl (me me me!)
  2. Faribault for Target Cannon Stripe Wool Scarf
  3. Faribault for Target Ely Plaid Wool and Canvas Tote Bag
  4. Faribault for Target Port Stripe Wool and Canvas Tote Bag
  5. Faribault for Target Prairie Stripe Wool Scarf
  6. Faribault for Target Ely Plaid Wool Infinity Scarf
  7. Faribault for Target Wool and Canvas Weekend Duffle (want want want)
  8. Faribault for Target Ely Plaid Wool Pouch

  • You should have your dad guest post! lol. I see him just loving the shawl ;)