Fall Capsule #1: Stripe Dress – Quirky


So this little stripe dress hadn’t made its way out of the capsule collection yet, but it was a work horse this past week. I wore it two different ways, and we all know that stripes are a workhorse, so what better time to feature it than in one of these two looks post.

This is how I wore it on my day off last Friday. I had done some errand running around town (including visiting my trusty thrift shop), and just wanted an easy simple look that was still fun. This look fulfilled that!

Stripes paired with a fun complimentary color combo? Count me in.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I take this from Zooey Deschanel quirky (love her, love New Girl) to urban girl cool.

ps. Happy Birthday to the lovely B! She’s the best and deserves the best of birthday celebrations!


Outfit 42

  • I love how you styled this dress. I have a really similar one, so it’s nice to get some more inspiration on how to remix it!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

  • Rebecca

    Yay, thank you! :) This is my preferred look of the two stripey dress styling options!

  • I am so matchy matchy that I miss out on a lot of possibilities! Love the navy tights with the black and white striped dress. Also learning to like brown boots with black pants. And striped tees with patterned scarves. Against everything I thought was fashionable!!!

    • Hahaha. Isn’t it funny how all that stuff changes? I think that’s the big beauty of fashion. Tastes change, people change, and it continues to develop! :)