On Trend: Toms for Target

video courtesy of Target’s YouTube account

All of the brand collaborations this fall/winter are right on point, Target! Last week featured the Faribault partnership (here if you missed it), and this week is the BEST YET.

I’m head over heels (pun intended) for Toms. I actually owe three pairs, because 1.) I love the business model, 2.) they come in such fun prints, and you all know I’m a sucker for a good print, and 3.) they’re incredibly comfy. That’s why I’m thrilled that my favorite store and one of my favorite brands ever got together!

Done and done.


Target is making a donation of either a blanket, pair of shoes, or meals with every single purchase from this collection. Just sending a bit more good out into the world.

I actually want one of everything, and I’m sure everyone else does too, so make sure you check out the stock in your local store and online too! That arrow pouch is calling my name (I was an archery instructor at the camp I worked at!), and I might have to break my shopping ban if that sweater is a successful try on (#ilovesweaters).

You can check out my picks below or click here for the full collection (there’s stuff for women, men, kids, and home!):

  1. Toms for Target Stripe Poncho (yes, please!)
  2. Toms for Target Shoes
  3. Toms for Target Tote Bags
  4. Toms for Target Blankets
  5. Toms for Target Sweater, Scarf, and Hat
  6. Toms for Target Sweater (and in cream)
  7. Toms for Target Pouches
  8. Toms for Target Coffee Mugs