Fall Capsule #1: Brr, Chicago, Brr


Chicago this weekend was full of freezing fun! The Husband and I trekked all over the city, and while I tried to layer my capsule wardrobe as much as possible (along with fleece tights underneath my jeans and a long underwear thermal under my sweater and button down), I was still freezing!

Luckily, we still managed to have a blast. The Husband’s brother and I had arranged a secret meetup for dinner, and The Husband was super surprised (and I kept a secret from him…super success, guys)! We finally took our photo in the bean and then I promotely deleted it when uploading these photos (#superfail).

Sidenote: Do you know what the best cure is for cold winter days out walking in the bitter cold?

Coffee and ducking into stores to shop while trying to warm up.

Two of my favorite things! What are the odds? ;)

ps. I went to the Colts/Patriots game with my dad last night. Super fun, but I also needed A LOT of coffee this morning!


Outfit 46

  • Kaci

    I picked up some Uniqlo Heat Tech leggings in NYC recently. Going to try wearing them under pants on cold days – so I guess starting tomorrow? Haha.

    • Oh my gosh. I’ve been on the fence about ordering some kind of Heat Tech product, so let me know how you like them, please!

      • Kaci

        I loved them under my work pants! Definitely going to get at least one more pair, because I think they’ll get a lot of use this winter.

  • I miss Chicago! We always took long weekend trips up there twice a year. When we come back to Indy for Christmas, we’ll be flying in to Chicago and staying there overnight, but it’s going to be soooooooo cold. Glad you had a great time! :)

    • I had such a great time that I need to remember that it’s not that far away when I’m looking for something to do!

  • Sounds like a great weekend, but ugh, that Chicago cold has moved down to Cincinnati today! Going to have to take some of your layering tips… I’m impressed how layered you are without looking it. And as always love the plaid and navy in your capsule. You do them well!

  • Rebecca

    Brrrrr. You should have layered with the yellow coat!

    • Hahaha. I had my big black puffer jacket, but managed to take it off for a few minutes for photos!

  • All the layers work so well together here. I’m coveting that sweater too. So comfy and warm looking.

    • Thanks so much, Meghan! It definitely helped me stay warm (along with a jacket, gloves, etc.)! ;)