Fall Capsule #1: Professional Plaid


Plaid + stripes + blazers…

Just a few of my favorite things.

So I thought, put them together and what do you got?


Sorry…had to do it. ;)

You actually have a pretty professional outfit on a business woman who still gets Disney songs stuck in her head (and I don’t even have a small child to blame it on)!


Outfit 47

  • Dena

    I managed to pick up that gorgeous scarf at my local Target this past Saturday for roughly $13.50!! I love it!

    • YES! Dena, I’m so glad you found it and love it!

      • Dena

        And although I should be doing my Christmas shopping, I’m headed back to Target this week because boots are buy 1 get 1 half off! Happy Thanksgiving to me! (And you too!)

  • It’s OK, you don’t need a small child to blame Disney on. Just blame it on your inner child. I like the simplicity of the colors and stripes in this. I can do the exact same thing in my capsule. Minus the blazer. I want a camel colored blazer.

    • Inner child for sure! And definitely would recommend a camel blazer, perfect for blacks AND blues!

  • Heck yeah, stripes and plaid!

    dash dot dotty

  • I wear this scarf to work pretty much everyday! The other day when it was freezing in the office, I wore it around my shoulders like a blanket haha! You look great!

    • This scarf has been such a lifesaver this capsule challenge. I also grab it when I don’t know what else to wear!