Fall Capsule #1: Neutrals Without Being Neutral


I’m a little behind on outfit photos, whoops, so I’m going to try to blaze through these, because I bought a super fancy style blogger lens (used, this girl is on a budget!), and I’m hoping that I can make it work for at least some of this capsule! So probably no “Two Ways” post this week, but hopefully I can bring it back next week.

On that note, here is today’s post….neutrals without being neutral! I started with this sweater and my current favorite jeans (thank you Old Navy for making these), because the grays worked well together. Well, why not add a whole bunch more gray and get some neutrals rocking with a herringbone printed vest AND a black and white statement necklace.

Oh, and then a pop of green from my little non-matching sock sticking out in the last photo. Whoopsies (just further proof that bloggers aren’t perfect, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE)!


Outfit 48