Fall Capsule #1: Gingham and Lace


A touch of lace and a whole bunch of blue? Yes and yes.

Obviously, this week I’ve been big on layering and pants. It’s all a part of my fight to stay warm all winter long.

I’m pretty sure it takes a conscious effort to not pull pants out of my closet every single day during the next few months. I love skirts and dresses, specifically the ones in my capsule wardrobe, but they’re harder to coordinate with tights and extra layers, etc.

Pants? They’re just easy….and Katharine Hepburn wore them, so you can too!

ps. My mom and I are making holiday cookies next week. Does anyone have a favorite recipe to share? Let me know in the comments, please!


Outfit 49

  • I don’t have a gingham shirt (although I totally want one), but I love this layering and would layer my plaid shirt underneath a thin sweater! Since “winter” hit a few days ago I’ve been wearing pants, but finally broke out the tights today and wore a dress. Yes, I was definitely cold, but it felt good to break out of the pants rut.

    • Definitely would recommend a gingham shirt! Winter is rough, I hope you didn’t get hit with all that snow in your area!

  • Gingham and lace–two of my very favorite things! Love the layering going on here.

    Before I had my current blog, I had a food blog. I posted my family’s Christmas cookie recipe here: http://thebroccolihut.com/grandma-whitneys-tea-cakes/

  • Kaci

    Winter pants rut. It’s a real problem. I’ve been dying to wear a dress and fleece-lined tights all week, but it’s just too darn cold! Even my co-workers are noticing that I’m wearing pants most does in lieu of a dress.