Gift Guide for the Interior Decorator

As you may know, this gift guide series has been going strong for two weeks now (first guide here; second guide here) and continues every Thursday up until Christmas (that’s 7 Gift Guides!). I’ll be posting a gift guide for a specific individual that you might be having some trouble shopping for. I’m going to try to keep all the gifts under $50 for sure and hopefully the majority of them in the $25-30 range. Most of the items will be from Target (because I love the heck out of that place), but if I find something I truly love elsewhere, I might throw it on there!

If there’s a particular person you are shopping for and need advice on what to get them, let me know and I can try to arrange a post for that person! Sound good?

Here we go then!


The 2014 Gift Guides continue with your favorite interior decorator! They’re the first to comment on feng shui y may seem similar to last week’s Glitzy and Glamorous girl, but they’re in a league of their own…and their team color?


Habitat: West Elm, IKEA, the candle aisle of your local Target
Loves: fresh flowers in matching (or contrasting) color vases, knick-knacks (for gee-gaws as my beloved mother calls them), picture frames, fluffy pillows
Dislikes: bad natural light, windows with no curtains, mismatched color schemes

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite interior decorator!

  1. Bicycle Print (more wall decor here)
  2. Threshold Multicolored Embroidered Medallion Throw Pillow
  3. Threshold Glass Bottles in Wire Rack (how cute would this be as a bunch of bud vases?)
  4. Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book
  5. Threshold Desktop Globe (we have this at our house, and it’s perfect!)
  6. Wall Mounted Metal Arrow Bar Sign 
  7. Threshold Herringbone Throw Blanket
  8. Umbra Loft 6-Opening Clip Photo Frame
  9. Danya B Iron Bicycle Bookend Set (I’m obsessed with bikes and might need these!)
  10. DENY Designs “Hello Gorgeous” Throw Pillow (I love this!)

  • Love this! I really like the items all together, but they can work separately in totally different styles of rooms. Great picks!



  • Kaci

    I really like this gift guide series!

  • Fun stuff!! I really like the clip photo frame and the bicycle book ends!