Fall Capsule #1: 90s Vibe


Today’s fun highlights:

  • The 90s are back (or so I’ve heard), and I didn’t mean for this outfit to reflect it, but I’m kinda getting a minimal 90s grunge vibe from it. You?
  • I worked today. It was rough (#poorme), mainly because it was the first Friday I’ve worked in a month, but luckily it was also the last Friday I work for THE REST OF THE YEAR. Booya!
  • I’m catching the new Hunger Games movie this weekend with friends and hopefully going out dancing this week. Can’t. Wait!
  • No shopping ban break this week, even those these Toms were calling my name (and the black ones too) early this week. The collaborations this year have been SO good.
  • I’m so ready for Thanksgiving. So ready!
  • 50 outfits down. 24 to go! That’s about 5 more weeks of this capsule. Are you all ready for it to be over?
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • It snowed here…and stuck this week. Winter, go home.

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Outfit 50

*Not part of the capsule, but outerwear doesn’t count!