Super Sweater Sale

So I don’t normally do a double post on Sundays, but I was browsing this morning and found that there is an early Black Friday sale going on…40% off most women’s sweaters!!!

I ALWAYS want to share good news, so Here. You. Go!

I’m loving the below picks (just clicked on the picture to be taken to the sweater of your choice), and I might be breaking my no-shop ban just to score some serious sweater deals (which if the weather we’ve experienced lately is any indication of how winter is going to go…I’m going to need them!).

  • After you posted about the fur vest from Target in the last post, I went straight to Target and got it! I’ve already come up with about 5 ways I want to style it and I’m sure there’s a million more ways! It’s perfect. While I was there I saw the 40% off sweater sale. It’s too bad all the things I wanted were more “sweatshirts” and not sweaters so they weren’t included. :( oh well, still an amazing deal!!

  • I’m pretty psyched about this sale too–I already put in an order yesterday for a cardigan and a purple crew neck sweater (since I recently discovered I own like NO purple clothing). I was also very tempted by the bow one and polka dot one :)