Fall Capsule #1: November Outfits


I started my first Fall Capsule Challenge about 2.5 months ago. I wanted an easy way to reflect on what outfits I had worn and what pieces I had utilized, so I thought a recap post might be a good way to do that (here are September’s recap post and October’s recap post). This way I can see what’s working and what’s not, and you can have a concise post of the outfits (in case you didn’t want to read my everyday ramblings and just wanted the looks)!

Here. We. Go…


  1. Out of the Woods
  2. Red Collar Leather
  3. Red Dress: Kate Spade Inspired
  4. Red Dress: Madewell Inspired
  5. Last Leaves of Fall
  6. Black and White and Vest All Over
  7. Stripe Dress: Quirky
  8. Stripe Dress: Urban
  9. Black on Black on Black on Black
  10. Caught Red Walled
  11. Brr, Chicago, Brr
  12. Professional Plaid
  13. Neutrals Without Being Neutral 
  14. Gingham and Lace
  15. 90s Vibe
  16. What to Wear On Thanksgiving
  17. So Much Plaid
  18. Horsing Around (Again)
  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. The No-Shopping Ban Breaks Again
  • Most Worn Item (besides jeans): cognac ankle boots, black ankle boots, stripe tee,  black jeans
  • Least Worn Item: I still haven’t worn one dress. Getting on it this month!
  • Favorite Outfit: #3
  • Honorable Mentions: #1, #6, #11, and #18
  • Least Favorite Outfit: #19 (too grunge meets prim going on)

I’m excited to see what the rest of my capsule holds for me (only 19 looks to go)! What was your favorite and/or least favorite outfit from above (I’m actually really curious!)?

Linking up with the lovely Anne and Jacq for their capsule linkup!

  • I have really loved your Fall Capsule challenge. It’s so fun to check in each day to what you have put together. My favorites looks are 8,9, 12 and 16. My least favorite would be 18. Do you think you will do another capsule challenge?

    • Hey Karen, thanks so much! I am probably going to do a shorter capsule challenge in January, but probably won’t start until at least mid-month. I want some time to wear my sweater “collection” haha!

  • Katy B

    Love both looks with the striped dress– I’m on the lookout for one for my winter capsule now!

  • meloria

    I guess I have mixed feelings about the capsule collection concept. I understand the pluses, but I’m more a fan of mixing things up and for me, there are just too many similarities in the outfits. However, I think you have featured some really great pieces!

  • Sarah

    This is impressive! I’d recommend numbering the photos next time though, I had lots of counting throughout the fabulousness ;)

  • The Capsule challenge really sounds daunting, but it’s neat to go through and read about it. I just don’t know if I could do it, so kudos!!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  • Always love seeing them all lined up – shows what great variety you can get from a limited wardrobe, and what great walls you find for photos! I definitely need to up my game there, I noticed from my recap… Cognac booties and black jeans have been some of my most worn items lately too – perfect for the season. And I still LOVE the dress remixing you did, especially the red one. I expect to see some more of that for the holidays :)

  • I’m so intrigued by the capsule challenge! I might have to try it :) Oh, and my favorite looks are #2 and #4!