On Trend: One Is Silver


…and the other’s gold (but that post is yet to come…sorry if that song gets stuck in your head, fellow Girl Scouts)!

This winter is already got me a little down (snow, cold, no sunlight), but you know what one of the best parts is about winter?

All the sparkle and shine! You have all the icicles, snowflakes, holiday dressing, presents, etc., to keep you merry and bright!

Check out these silver items and keep on sparkling!

  1. Merona Silver Infinity Scarf
  2. Lily Star Sequin Sleeve Pullover Sweater
  3. Silver/Clear Large Teardrop Statement Necklace
  4. Limited Edition Silver Crossbody Purse
  5. Arctic Pave Dial Silver Watch
  6. Heatlast Packable Down Puff Vest
  7. Merona Metallic Skinny Belt
  8. Merona Black and Silver Tuxedo Stripe Tights