On Trend: And The Other Gold


…and you knew it was coming after last week’s One is Silver post!

I use to not be a huge fan of gold, but then it slowly started sneaking its way into my outfits. I have a gold belt (seen here) and a gold watch (seen here and here) that I love, and I certainly have my fair share of gold jewelry.

The best part of gold is it works with almost every color combination. I think silver has its limits but gold is, well, golden!

Add a little glittery gold to your life with the below picks (bonus points for this wallet that proclaims your gold love)!

  1. Merona Gold Glitter Wallet
  2. Mossimo Zip Pullover Sweater
  3. Merona Gold Skinny Belt
  4. Merona Oversized Boyfriend Rose Gold Watch¬†(This is the one I own…even The Husband loves it!)
  5. Limited Edition Gold Sequin Scarf
  6. Hammered Gold Statement Necklace
  7. Xhilaration Gold Star Tights
  8. Limited Edition Gold Chain Link Strap Purse

  • Oooh! Those star tights would really festive up a plain black dress! I’m definitely looking for them on my next Target trip!

    dash dot dotty