Fall Capsule #1: No Dots About It


Not dots about it, I love this coat. It’s warm. It’s ladylike. It’s a chic color combination (hello black and white) that goes with anything. Annnnd it’s polka dotted, which is one of my favorite patterns. Plus, right now, you can get it for $50! That means that if you wear it only TWO times per week for a fourth of only one year (13 weeks – hello Midwest winter), it equals to about $2 cost per wear. And if you do that for two years, that’s $1 per wear. Preeeeettty great.

And yes, after debating the color options of this purse (black versus brown) on Instagram (here), you all convinced me to get the brown. Well I loved the brown so much (y’all are always right), that when I saw the black on sale for $13.50 at my local Target (and only one left!!), I had to get it. So yes, I’m set on purses for a bit.

This weekend, we ended up seeing Interstellar, which I was NOT a fan of. I love me some Anne Hathaway, but it’s nearly a 3-hour movie and has very little “give back.” I can’t tell you a bunch more without ruining anything for you, but let’s just say…not going to watch it again!

How about you all? Do anything fun this weekend? See about BETTER movies?


Outfit 61

  • Awesome jacket!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com

  • Kaci

    If they state there’s no wheat anymore in Interstellar, why does Matthew McConaughy drink a beer on the porch? That still bugs me, haha.

    • OMG! Kaci, you’re super observant! I would have never thought about that. I told The Husband you said that, and he said it’s “because there’s always going to be beer.” Let’s not dash his hopes then!

  • I love you coat! I really enjoyed Interstellar



    • Thanks Laura! I’m glad someone enjoyed the movie (just kidding, most of my friends enjoyed it too), but I just don’t think it was made for me!

  • Cuuuuute. And that’s all I have to say because I never manage to watch any movies…

    • That’s because you are too busy reading all those books (you amaze me) or chasing after your cutie! I might need to read through your old posts for some book recommendations soon! :)

      • Sadly barely any reading getting done lately either… plenty of chasing. But I have had some really good reads in the past year, so absolutely hit me up for some recommendations if you need them! I’ll leave you with my favorite of the year now: The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick (who also wrote Silver Linings Playbook – maybe you’ve seen the movie? I hear it’s excellent, but I never get around to watching movies so I don’t know. Ha.)

        • I just read Silver Linings Playbook in September during our Hawaii trip (after seeing the movie, yes), and I definitely enjoyed it, so I might have to check it out! Thanks Anne!

  • This coat is so freaking cute!!! It’s a statement maker!!!

    • Thanks so much, Sara! It definitely is a conversation piece for sure! :)

  • I don’t care to go see movies any more just for that fact. If the movie doesn’t float my boat, I feel like I’ve wasted time, money, and my brain cells. Oy. This coat and your math on the other hand… all worth my time. Its adorable. Such a classic silhouette too.

    • Oh my gosh. 100%! I asked The Husband if I could get my money back, but he didn’t think the cashier would buy it. And thanks so much, Meghan….coat math is the best. ;)

  • Rebecca

    Close second on favorite recent ootd!