Five for Friday, Vol. 57 – Warming Up


The time has finally come. I’m changing up the Five for Friday post a bit to include some non-Target items every week. Someone suggested this awhile ago, and at first, I felt like it was kind of cheating (this blog is called Style On Target for a reason), but then I realized that the real “mission” of the blog is to show “high-style” for “low price” which involves more than just Target items. So while I will still always have at least one Target item, I’m going to branch out and include some other things that catch my eye (and are still affordable picks).

Onto those picks, then okay? The theme of this week’s Five for Friday is warmth. I find myself constantly reaching for the warmest items in my closet/dresser these days (and we’re not even in the middle of winter yet).

Warm socks and gloves, cozy sweaters, and boots (with the fur?). Just cuddle up with a few of these and more below.

Check them out:

  • Merona Gray/Red Stripe Socks
  • Old Navy Plaid Pea Coat (so cozy and look at how great it looks on Grace here)
  • Merona Jeweled Beanie Hat
  • Impressions by Isotoner Marled Gloves (I own these…so soft and warm)
  • Mountain Sole Sherling Buckle Boots (30% off this week!)

  • Everyone must be really feeling the chill (including myself) because almost every blog I follow has done a post centering on warmth.