DIY: Gold Sharpie Necklace (Changing Colors)

Whaaaaat? Another DIY post here on Style On Target? Yes, they’re rare, I know. And the best part? This one is super super easy. So let’s get started!

I saw necklace (here – now 30% off with the code JOY30) while browsing Target’s website one day, and I loved it…for the most part. I am not a lime green fan, and while it might have looked good on a few outfits, I’m more about getting the MOST bang for my buck.

So I took a guess that I would be able to alter it with a Sharpie and pressed buy! Then, randomly, on a visit to my local Target store, I stumbled upon a two-pack of gold Sharpie markers. Insert light bulb above my head.

The rest of this DIY took 2 minutes of work and 24 hours of dry time (because I’m paranoid). Easy peasy!
diynecklacesuppliesStep 1: Gather your supplies: necklace (or bracelet or earrings, etc.) and a Sharpie marker (this particular necklace almost ended up navy or cobalt blue).
diynecklacestepsStep 2: This particular necklace shape required that I color in diagonally on one side (as pictured) and then from the other side to the point (if that makes sense). This was just to make sure it wouldn’t dry weird.

Step 3: Finish each section and let dry for 24 hours. Don’t touch it (don’t even try to be tempted) because Sharpies take some time to try.


Step 4: Enjoy your beautiful (non-lime green) necklace and pair with your favorite sweater (maybe this one?)!

Let me know if you end up doing something similar at home! I’d love to see it!