Fall Capsule #1: Life Facts


Life fact #1: When you find a evergreen wall, you take pictures in front of it. Even if there are boulders in your way….you’ll find a way to overcome.

Life fact #2: When you take pictures in front of said evergreen wall (after overcoming those pesky boulders), someone will walk out of the nearby Greek restaurant (a mere 20 feet away) and stare.

Perils of a style blogger, y’all.


Outfit 68

  • Kaci

    I made a DIY blanket scarf with very similar fabric – glad to have a styling idea for it now! PS – What Greek restaurant? I’ve been trying every Greek/Mediterranean restaurant I can find in Indy lately!

  • I’m really really loving those flats! Whenever, I take pictures there’s always someone asks what I’m doing, even though I take pictures in my apartment complex, so we’re all neighbors and they’ve seen me doing this a million times before!

  • One thing I really love about having stylish blog friends: having all these closet twins! I’m totally wearing a a sweater this color today, and I MIGHT have just popped into J.Crew Factory and bought that very vest… which means I’m totally wearing this outfit because it’s so cute and perfect for cozy holiday fun!

    Also, your story is exactly why all of my photos have the same boring background, which would be my covered porch, taken during the hours my neighbors are all at work. Ha.