Fall Capsule #1: Striped Up, Plaid Down


Well hello there, and welcome to the week of Christmas! Hope you got your shopping done, because I went to Target yesterday for yogurt and apples, and it was a madhouse. All the lines were open, but there were like 3+ people in each line with carts full of merchandise…and then there was me with my three yogurts and my bag of apples. Crazy.

I spent my weekend celebrating Christmas with my in-laws. They must really love me, because I may have burnt a blanket on a space heater* (always cold and always too close to the heat), and The Puppy got sick in the kitchen AND we still got presents!

We had a fun time opening presents, eating too much, and playing with three dogs. I also may have worn my J.Crew Factory vest (here) all weekend long. It was a great weekend spent together, and I only have to make it through another 1.5 days of work before we get to leave for our next family adventure! Hip, hip, hooray!

*This wasn’t the worst thing that’s happened to my at my in-laws (that’s a story for another blog post, but spoiler alert, I locked everyone out of the house).

ps. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should be), check out these adorable “reinbeers” that my mother-in-law and father-in-law (he did the antlers) made. Almost too cute to drink!



Outfit 71

  • Following you on Instagram NOW. Would love for you to follow me, too! Love that great yellow belt, ladybug. And that mixed box of rein-beers is precious!!

  • That vest is so cute and festive! Uh oh locking everyone out of the house? That’s not good! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! :)