Fall Capsule #1: And We’re Off!


It’s official! The Husband and I have been off of work for about 3.5 hours by the time this post goes live, and we’re off for the next two days (plus the weekend)!

We’re off to the airport to pick up my younger, but not so little brother R from the airport (he’s flying in from California), and then we’re headed up to my parents’ home.

I’m so excited to eat our traditional Christmas Eve pizza and stay up too late. I’m usually the first one to wake up on Christmas morning (old habits from being a kid die hard, huh), but this year, I’m hoping to enjoy a giant cup of coffee and puppy snuggles (and let’s be honest, some good Pinterest scrolling) before everyone wakes up. Then we’ll open presents, eat the cinnamon rolls that I begged my mom for, and probably go catch a movie. Can’t. WAIT!

What are your holiday traditions?

*ps. One more capsule outfit to go, but you’ll have to wait until Friday to see it! Suspense!


Outfit 73