Fall Capsule #1: Swan Song


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Hello last outfit of the capsule (and hello end of the no-shopping ban)! Ps. I might end up wearing this for New Year’s Eve next week. It’s festive and the colors seem to be spot on.
  • I had a lovely Christmas day, and I hope you all did too. We opened presents, ate a whole bunch of appetizers, and went with the rest of northern Indiana to see a movie at the local theater. It was packed, but Unbroken is worth the price of a ticket (though I would highly recommend reading the book too)!
  • I think today my mom and I might go see Into the Woods. I’m in love with musicals, but haven’t seen this one ever, so I’m excited to see it for the first time. I heard Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt are amazing in it.
  • Did anyone else see a movie this weekend? My brother R pointed out that I don’t end up watching a lot of movies, but apparently all the ones I did want to see came out in or around December. I still want to catch Wild.
  • Hanging out the rest of today and tomorrow morning at my parents and then we’re headed back to Indianapolis to open our last presents (just The Husband and I together with Cooper at home) and enjoy the rest of our weekend (just read that as getting brunch and watching football).
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Nothing! I’m loving being on break and having some free time to spend with my family!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


Outfit 74

  • laquetha

    I want go see Annie. Love your outfit it’s very festive. I am in Houston visiting family but can’t wait to be back in my own quiet apartment.

  • Amanda Berg

    Yes a tutorial! Great finale, perfect NYE colors!

  • This dress is perfect! It literally fits you perfectly! I saw Into the Woods and loved it! Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt were amazing, as is the boy who plays Jack! That kid has an amazing voice! I also really want to see Unbroken! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Oh my gosh! They all sounded great, and the kid that played Jack was the little boy in Les Miserables, so he’s definitely going places with that voice!

  • TUTORIAL!!!! I love books and now I must have one of these clutches for my own.

    Also, I love black + blue together like this. Great inspiration for New Year’s – I’m supposed to go to a party but almost was going to skip it because I don’t feel like figuring out what to wear (yeah, I’m that lame)… but I can do this!

    And I pretty much never watch movies, but a musical movie I can definitely get into. This one looks great! Annie too, for the sake of nostalgia :)