Five for Friday, Vol. 59 – Missing Presents?

Thought I would do something a little different this Friday for all those great post-Christmas sales, so I’m featuring three of my favorite retailers (Old Navy, Loft, and duh, Target) and choosing 5 items from each store that are on SUPER sale and that I would love to either scope up as a post-Christmas gift or grab for myself (Santa always forgets something, right?).

And all you have to do is click on the item to be taken to the site to get your shopping on!

So let’s begin!

Target – like 600+ items have been added to clearance, and Friday and Saturday you can get an extra 20% off clearance prices using code EXTRA20. My favorite polka dot coat is part of the promo and my favorite purse is too! Check them out in the widget below…the purse will be under $20 as part of the sale. Also, these flats would be right around $12 for anyone looking for some animal print!

Old Navy – most of the stuff is already on sale, plus you get an extra 20% off today (no code needed) on items that aren’t Hot Deals or Everyday deals. I’m thinking about scoring this fair isle sweater, but this beanie is high on my list too (even though I don’t need anymore!).

Loft  50% off online (no code needed), so you can even score some of their new spring releases, in addition to stocking up with some more sweaters, because we all know winter is just beginning.

  • MD

    I literally just went to Target and Old Navy. I ended up purchasing those black suede booties from Old Navy (I have 2 other colors already in that style of theirs) to wear with a few dresses this winter. I also purchased a white cable knit sweater from ON.

    • Oooooo, MD! Those will be great classics to keep you going through the winter! I’m loving Old Navy’s stuff this fall/winter, so I hope they keep it up!

  • Kristin Eveland

    I had to share with you! My husband bought me the polka dot coat for
    Christmas, and he went to get it when it was on sale in the store but
    missed the sale + cartwheel so found that the sale was still online so
    he bought it full price, w/cartwheel and then went to the customer
    service to see if he could get the online price. The guy tried to fix
    it but couldnt so just gave my husband a refund of 40 dollars. SO, he
    spent 56, and then got 40 dollars back so he only paid 16 dollars for
    the coat! I am thrilled! So was our Christmas budget, haha.

    • Kristin…that is hilarious, and AWESOME! Your husband is definitely a keeper after all that, and what a score! Thanks for sharing and enjoy that gorgeous coat (I love mine)!