December 2014 Budget

Guys! I did it! I budgeted for a whole year (first budget post here) AND really only had one cheat during the whole Capsule No-Shopping Challenge (hello Hunter rainboots). Pretty solid double win!

Check out December’s budget below to see the damage:


December 2014 Budget
+ Merona Plaid Print Pullover Sweater – $12 ($20 originally – 40% off – here)
+ Old Navy Red Ponte Circle Skirt – $9 ($25 originally – sale – here)
+ Old Navy Red Plaid Smoking Slippers – $17 ($25 originally – 30% off – here)
+ Merona Black Satchel Purse – $14 ($45 originally – scored for 70% off! – here)
+ Merona Purple/Off White Scarf – $12 ($17 originally – 25% off sale – here)
+ Merona Red Plaid Oversized Scarf – $17 ($17 originally – here)
+ Arctic Circle Silver Sparkle Watch – $10 ($20 originally – here – buy it, you know you want to!)
+ The Limited Intarsia Beagle Sweater – $30 ($60 originally – 50% off discount – here – I’ve already gotten so many comments on him!)

Not Pictured:
+ Merona Green Cable Knit Sweater – $13 ($25 originally – 40% Black Friday sale – here)
+ Black/Lime Green/Silver Statement Necklace – $12 ($17 originally – 25% off sale – here – see DIY project here)

Total Spent: $146

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$54 = $200 – $146
Total Saved: $120 = $266 (if not on sale) – $146
Item Count: 10
Carryover to Next Month/Year: $228.30 = $174.30 + $54

I mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again: as much as I complained about the capsule challenge (at least at the end of it), I really think it helped develop what I want my style to be like and where I want to take my blog in the future. I think I’ll make smarter budget choices in the future…at least I hope so!

I did receive a whole bunch of fashion related gifts (thanks family!) that aren’t included in this budget post (since I obviously didn’t pay for them). I also placed some after-Christmas orders that are currently heading my way in the mail (including this skirt and this sweater), but since they won’t be here until after 2014 is over, I’ll include them in January’s budget! Did you score anything cool this month (either as a gift from someone or a gift to yourself)?

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  • Love the ON circle skirt, the cut and color are perfect.


  • Kimi

    That plaid scarf! Adorable. Great finds this month!

    xo Kimi

  • Loving the plaid print sweater and the puppy dog sweater. Even when I cheated on what I bought during the capsule, it was for something I really loved and ended up wearing tons when I added it in. The purchases I made were so much smarter. Next month will make month 12 for me. Congrats for making it!

  • That sparkle watch is so pretty! I just wish it came in a two tone version, as that’s what I really need.

  • I’m kicking myself for not picking up that plaid scarf when I saw it earlier in the month. Nice buy :)