2015 Wishlist


I’m on a mission (again) this year, guys!

To (still) stick to a budget. To (still) make responsible purchases. To (still) buy some classic/long-lasting items. To (still) make smart decisions. And to (still) build a quality wardrobe.

Last year’s 2014 Wishlist went over really well and was helpful to determine what I felt was missing from my wardrobe, so I’m leaning to that format again this year.

Above and below, you can find some key items that I am looking to buy this year (some I did not find in 2014, so they may carry over some). Yes, I sure I’ll buy other things along with these 26 items, but I’m trying to develop my style, and I really think this is the year I figure it out! Obviously, you can probably see a theme in color (red, blues, black, grays, whites) and prints (leopard, stripes, dots), but I know what I like and what works, so I’m sticking with it!

I’ll be updating this list as I find the items (whether or not they are from Target), and you’ll be able to find an updated page on the website dedicated to my 2015 Wishlist. I linked to similar versions to what I’m look for below, but I obviously can’t buy them all now or my January Budget would explode!

Without further adieu, here are the 26 items on my 2015 Wishlist…tell me what’s on yours in the comments!

2015 Wishlist

+ elbow patch sweater (similar)
+ black cardigan (similar)
+ navy cardigan (similar)
+ white button down with black polka dots (similar)
+ anchor print sweater (similar)
+ stripe button down shirt (similar)
+ no-iron white button down shirt (similar)

+ gray casual dress (similar)
+ red/navy stripe dress (similar)
+ black dress (similar – t-shirt sleeve length)
+ red jeans (similar)
+ gray flare skirt (similar)
+ black jeans (similar)
+ vintage style dresses (similar)
+ leopard print flare skirt (similar)

+ gray suede pumps (similar)
+ navy ankle boots (similar)
+ red Ked-like sneakers (similar)
+ bow flats (similar)
+ red ballet flats (similar)

+ black dressy winter coat (similar)
+ olive green or navy quilted vest (similar)

+ striped crossbody purse (similar – either black/white or navy/white)
+ leopard print crossbody purse (similar)
+ oversized gray scarf (similar)
+ white sunglasses (similar)

  • Kaci

    I just got some red Gap ballet flats next week – now I want the snow to go away so I can wear them! Also looking for a white button down with polka dots. I was excited when I clicked the link, but Target only has that shirt in a XXL. The hunt is still on!

  • I just purchases my first pair of ankle boots and now I am quite obsessed :-)

  • I love this idea of a wishlist… maybe I should give this a try to further smarten my shopping – it would be easier to put temptations back if I was more focused and specifically shopping for things. Plus yours was just fun to look through. You know I’m on board with the vest, and those shoes are all excellent potential wardrobe additions!

  • A bunch of these have been added to my own wishlist!!