Go Colts Go!, Part 2


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last week’s Colts pride post must have been a good luck charm. It had to be. The Colts beat the Bengals (sorry Cincy readers), and we’re off to see Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos this week.
  • I’m so superstitious when it comes to my Colts that (of course) I had to do another Blue Friday/Colts themed outfit. #sorrynotsorry This one is a bit more subtle, but still involves blue/white (our colors) and our mascot (colt/horses). C’mon boys, beat Denver!
  • I’m off today and back on my regular schedule of every other Friday off. Hip hip hooray!
  • We’re planning on going out tonight to celebrate my promotion at work! I got promoted Monday, and I was pretty surprised and pleased about it! I’m doing the same job, but with some more responsibilities (and more pay), so it’s all good! And beyond that, my plans are to relax and watch football all weekend long!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Holy cats, you guys! It is COLD here in the Midwest. I took blog photos outside yesterday for this post…it was 3 degrees outside when I took them. YIKES. Anyone in Florida (or somewhere else warm) want to take me in for the next two to three months? I promise to bake you cookies once a week? Tempting, I know.


  • Ava G

    Congrats on the promotion! Always a nice feeling to be rewarded :)

    Xo, Ava

  • This Cincy reader is totally over it :) And go, Colts, again! Though I was a little torn with this one… I have a leftover allegiance to the Colts because I’ve always been a teeny bit in love with Peyton Manning, so now I have to kind of like the Broncos. Do real Colts fans have any hard feelings there? How perfect is your outfit again though?! Love the sweater and layering and OF COURSE the vest. I feel you on the need for layering – I just flat-out refused to even take my outfit photos at the end of last week. Did a pile today instead…

    Also congrats on your promotion, and major jealous on your Friday schedule!

    • Real Colts fans are definitely sad about losing Peyton. We all still cheer for him any time he’s not playing the Colts, and it is kind of fun having a second team to really care about. It was super sad to see him not play well against us, and I hope he comes back next year!

  • what a cute outfit! & i love that it’s also a team-spirit look. very smart style. xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl