Midwest Winter Wear Essentials


I promised I would talk about this after Monday’s post, so here I am, finally delivering on that promise!

It’s been brutal this past week in the Midwest (and lots of other parts of the nation). Temperatures in

1. A Puffer Coat (this year’s version)

Yes, it isn’t that fashionable. But who cares about fashion when you can barely feel your limbs? Not this girl. Grab yourself one of these bad boys before you freeze to death, m’kay? All the ones below are on sale (and under $150!).

2. Beanie (this year’s version)

I prefer mine to have a pom pom on them, but you can go pom-less. Keeping your head warm is one of the most important things you can do to battle the cold. Plus, beanies are cute enough to battle out the monotony of the black puffer coat (that everyone else will be wearing).

3. Giant Scarf (super similar below)

Pro tip: the bigger, the better. That’s what those wonderful blanket scarves or thick infinity scarves were really made for: complete and wonderful warmth.

4. Cozy Gloves (exact)

Not cutesy mittens, because nobody can do anything with those. I recently bought these gloves, because I loved my marl ones (here) so much that I had to get another pair in a fun color (and how cute are those snowflakes). You can thank me later when you have all ten of your fingers.

5. Winter Boots (LL Bean boots are backordered for quite some time)

These and your puffer coat are going to be your most expensive investment pieces, but they’re worth it. If you’re going to be out playing in the snow, unburying your car, or shoveling your driveway, let alone walking to class or work, you’re gonna want these. Warm toes are happy toes?

Bonus Item: Thick Socks and Sweaters

Because you’re only as good as your inner layers. I just went through my sweater stacks in my closet and got rid of several that were either too thin or not long enough. I’d recommend doing the same and stocking up on some of these beauts!

Anything else you would recommend stocking up on (besides these fleece tights, of course)? Let me know in the comments!

  • Get your bean boots in the summer folks! lol. Puffer jackets are not pretty but oh are they practical. I love your run down here. Short, simple, necessary.

  • Kaci

    I hadn’t owned a puffer coat since high school, but gave in after last year’s brutal winter. I picked up this one, which has a belt so I look less like the marshmallow I’m concerned that puffers turn me into: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/jessica-simpson-hooded-faux-fur-collar-belted-puffer?ID=1496597&CategoryID=269&LinkType=#fn=BRAND%3DJessica%20Simpson%26COAT_STYLE%3DHooded%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D6

  • Sarah H.

    I also couldn’t live without my thick knit headband. I wear my hair up at least every other day, so a headband keeps my ears from freezing without ruining my ponytail/bun. Also, you look impossibly adorable.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • In NY, you need exactly the same stuff! I couldn’t survive the winter without it! Oddly enough though, I don’t own a puffer coat, but really want to get one! Love the red gloves and how your socks are showing a bit!

  • How do you manage to be so cute when you’re all bundled up?? I end up looking like the Michelin man most of the time (or Randy from A Christmas Story, take your pick). Great tips here–I need to invest in a warmer coat!

  • Super cute! And very necessary!!! I don’t miss my old days and the brutal Minnesota winters :-) Stay warm!

  • Caroline is right – you look way cute this bundled up. Usually I look hysterical because I just put on as much as possible (including trying to zip a down vest under my puffy coat) and end up a little mismatched… As a Midwest girl I definitely own all of these things, but I think I’ve got to work on phasing out some of them and reaccumulating in more coordinating sets. Excuse to shop? Yes, please!

  • Kristin Eveland

    I always think i should get a puffer coat, since I live in IA…they look so cozy!

  • As a midwest girl myself, I completely agree! I have a giant, knee length puffer coat for the super cold days. It may not be my cutest jacket, but gosh it’s warm! So happy I ordered my Bean boots back in September (and even then they were backordered ’til November). Now I just need my shearling insoles to come in!