Go Colts Go!, Part 3


Today’s fun highlights:

  • So for those keeping track at home (and you should be), that’s two weeks in a row that I’ve done Colts-themed posts and two weeks in a row that the Colts have won. I’m a certified good luck charm. The Colts beat the Broncos last Sunday (sorry Denver fans), and we’re off to see Tom Brady and the evil New England Patriots this Sunday.
  • So once again, please enjoy this Colts themed outfit. I’m kind of running out of ideas, but if when they win Sunday, I’m solemnly promise to do a whole week of blue and white outfits before the Super Bowl. #sorrynotsorry
  • We’re keeping it chill tonight after eating out at our favorite restaurant (Twenty Tap) last night. But tomorrow, we’re celebrating B’s husband’s birthday at a build-your-own-burger joint! Super excited!
  • The rest of our weekend will probably be spent bundling up and taking Cooper for walks, going to brunch on Sunday, and watching Sunday’s football games.
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • A working Friday. Meh.

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • Kaci

    I was inspired for Blue Friday today from your post a couple of weeks ago & wore a white vest with a blue top to work!

  • You look so cute in all blue! When I have no idea what to wear, I always reach for blue!

  • irinadriga

    What a beautiful outfit!!!

  • Rebecca

    This outfit is adorable, regardless of loss. :( The blues are all so pretty!