On Trend: Stone Age


Gosh, I love a good pun, and I can’t fight my love for statement necklaces. Those two things combined resulted in today’s On Trend post.

Sure, statement necklaces aren’t exactly “trendy” at this point, since they’ve been on the scene for several years now, but there’s always new and exciting ones to add to my your ever growing collection! That’s what I really took from my capsule challenge. Accessories are such an added bonus that can really stretch your wardrobe, so scoop some up.

Check them out (and go Colts)!

  1. Gold/Blue Bib Stone Statement Necklace
  2. Gold/Pale Green Stone Statement Necklace
  3. Gold/Red Floral Statement Necklace
  4. Silver/Green Flower Statement Necklace
  5. Silver/Gold/Blue Bib Stone Statement Necklace
  6. Gold/Pink Stone Statement Necklace
  7. Gold/Pale Green Garden Party Floral Statement Necklace
  8. Gold/Turquoise Fan Statement Necklace (I have my eye on this one!)

  • These necklaces are gorgeous!! I really love the one on the middle right!

  • These are all great, afford options :) I really love this style of necklace!