How to Wear a Sports Jersey to Work


Well, my dear friends, it’s been a nice run with my beloved Colts, and I was actually quite pleased to see my team make it this far. However, I hate that we lost, and I hate that we lost to our stupid rivals, the Patriots.

Sooooooo, go Seahawks!

Well, now you don’t have to suffer through a week of blue and white, but you do get to enjoy this last Colts-themed outfit today.

I’m obviously a big fan of my hometown team, and I love when people support their teams (even if you support the Patriots), so I’ll let you all in on my secret formula for wearing your sports jersey to work…put a blazer on it. I talked about it already in this post, but a blazer instantly makes a lot of non-work items work for work! So feel free to steal this tip and support your team during your 9-to-5.

ps. I was going to buy these flats if the Colts somehow pulled out a win. Too bad, so sad.


  • On Target item: Merona Navy Blazer (Fall 2013; similar)
  • Jersey: gift from my parents (NFL; if you don’t have a team, try this t-shirt option for a similar athletic look!)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (Spring 2014; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (similar options below)

  • Katy B

    Love this look! And I love it even more that you are still supporting your team after a loss. I think people are usually too quick to put their fan gear away. :-)